24 Hour Medical Advice Line For Your Employees

Get round the clock injury management advice from our team of specialist OH&S doctors

Phonemed is the only 24/7 on demand medical advice service for the corporate sector. Phonemed’s broad national network of doctors enables workers and their supervisors to lodge incident reports and receive medical advice at any time of the day or night.

Phonemed works with a number of large OH&S organisations throughout Australia providing reliable, 24/7 medical advisory access. Our doctors are all experienced in OH&S incident reporting and are AHPRA registered. Phonemed’s on demand service ensures that injuries are addressed professionally and workers return to work safely.

How our Injury Helpline and Reporting Service Works

Phonemed makes it’s doctors available to your staff 24/7. When an incident or injury occurs in your workforce the following steps are taken:

  1. Worker sustains an injury
  2. Worker and/or supervisor contacts dedicated Phonemed line. Phonemed provides your organisation with a dedicated injury line.
  3. Worker and/or supervisor immediately consult a doctor who provides management and return to work advice
  4. Supervisor and employer immediately receive a report detailing doctor’s recommendations


SSL Certificate Authority
SSL Certificate Authority

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